Christmas is my favorite holiday. I like it because there is time to spend with our families, presents, stories and Christmas cheer. We also don’t have school for three weeks. Sometimes I spend Christmas with my dad in Houston. Other times I stay in Austin with my Mom and step dad. This Christmas I want a MacBook Air.

I Am From…

I am from iPhones,
from toy trains and big stairs,
I am from the old wood floors,
the smell of mom’s cooking,
I am from the Bonsai,
the old oak tree whose branches still remain,
I’m from Christmas with family and big vacations,
from mom and dad,
I’m from healthy food and Easter and from laughing,
I’m from stories and go to sleep and never give up,
I’m from game nights,
I’m from Alaska and Philippines,
rice and moose,
from Grandpa in WWII,
brave and smart,
happy feelings,
under my bed.


I think that having iPads at West ridge is a great idea. Although it might be distracting sometimes, they can be useful in many class projects or just for studying on quizlet. I also like having iPads so that I can play fun games from the AppStore. One of my favorite games right now is Real Steel-WRB.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag

I just got the new Assassin’s Creed game for the Xbox on Tuesday and it is awesome. I play it a lot and I love doing the missions. You start out as a pirate who’s ship got destroyed in a battle. Then you find a new ship and sail elsewhere while completing multiple tasks. The cool thing about the game is that almost everything that happened in the game actually happened in real life.

Rope Swing

Last weekend I went to the rope swing across the lake at my house. It is very fun and I can even do a backflip. Usually me and my friends go on one of our kayaks. Behind the rope swing there is a small cave and sometimes we go there after swinging for a while.

Preposition Poem

In the house,
Over the stairs,
Around the corner,
Behind the doors,
Between the drawers,
Next to the cat,
Under a pile of papers,
Lies a key
The Mystery Key