I Am From…

I am from iPhones,
from toy trains and big stairs,
I am from the old wood floors,
the smell of mom’s cooking,
I am from the Bonsai,
the old oak tree whose branches still remain,
I’m from Christmas with family and big vacations,
from mom and dad,
I’m from healthy food and Easter and from laughing,
I’m from stories and go to sleep and never give up,
I’m from game nights,
I’m from Alaska and Philippines,
rice and moose,
from Grandpa in WWII,
brave and smart,
happy feelings,
under my bed.

Preposition Poem

In the house,
Over the stairs,
Around the corner,
Behind the doors,
Between the drawers,
Next to the cat,
Under a pile of papers,
Lies a key
The Mystery Key