My Reflection Of Seventh Grade

When I first arrive in August, I expected seventh grade to be easy. But I soon realized it was harder than I anticipated. By October, my life was a wreck, I had tons of homework and was getting no free time to relax and rest. Eventually I figured out that seventh grade wasn’t all thy harder from sixth grade. In seventh grade I learned to expect the unexpected (especially from Mrs. Schoch), work hard, and to do my blog posts on time. As the year comes to a close, I realize that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. If I had to do it over again, I would work harder to complete my homework. Here is some advice to next years seventh graders: work hard.

Video games

I love games, especially video games. Whenever I get home from school, There’s nothing better to do than jump on my sofa, turn on my Xbox, and play some minecraft. I also like playing games on my phone, like ice rage.

Ice Rage is a simple game where you can select from many different players including a bear, a guy with a pumpkin on his head, and many more. You can then chose wether you’d like to play a quick match witch lasts around two minutes. You can also compete in a championship game where you play against each player while they progressively get harder to beat. I also like playing multiplayer with other people on their own phone with Bluetooth. Although this game is about three years old, I still enjoy playing it with my friends.

Another game I enjoy playing is Super Stick Man Golf 2 or SSG2 for short. This game is also available on the App Store and it is one of my all time favorites. It’s basically a golfing game that is not at all realistic. As you beat more and more levels you can get different types of balls such as the super ball which makes the ball travel ten times faster than it normally would. Another thing that makes this game amazing, is that you can play multiplayer with anybody who has the game. This game is a awesome and I highly recommend you get it If you don’t already have it.

As I said earlier, games can be a good way to relax after a long day of school. But don’t get me wrong, games can completely overtake your life if you don’t use moderation. Too much of anything can be bad.

Tryin’ On Clothes- by: Shel Silverstein

“I tried on the farmer’s hat,
Didn’t fit…
A little too small — just a bit
Too floppy.
Couldn’t get used to it,
Took it off.
I tried on the dancer’s shoes,
A little too loose.
Not the kind you could use
for walkin’.
Didn’t feel right in ’em,
Kicked ’em off.

I tried on the summer sun,
Felt good.
Nice and warm — knew it would.
Tried the grass beneath bare feet,
Felt neat.
Finally, finally felt well dressed,
Nature’s clothes fit me best.”

My Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

As a kid I was always into those Toy Story movies with Woody and Slinky. But my most favorite was Buzz Lightyear. So the instant I saw a Buzz Lightyear action figure at the store, I begged my mom to get it for me. After a while of debating wether or not I would play with it, I convinced her that it was totally worth it. Every day after school I remembered me sneaking to my room to see if I could catch Him in the act of talking to my other toys. It never happened but he was always a fun toy to play with.

Expository: Where I Live

Giant lakes and cold rivers were not the first things that popped into my head when I thought of Texas. That was, until I moved here. Austin is awesome and full of numerous activities for just about any person.

For one thing Austin is the live music Capitol of the world and hosts a giant music festival every year called Austin City Limits. Austin City Limits, or ACL for short, is where tons of bands come to perform at one of the eight separate stages. Usually ACL only lasts for one weekend, but last year it went on for two. My friends and I saw Kings of Leon, Kendrick Lamar, Fun, and we even went backstage to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But ACL is only one of the many wondrous things to do here in Austin TX. You can also go stand up paddle boarding on lake Austin, or catch a bite at one of the numerous food trailers around downtown Austin. One of my favorite things to do here, is go wake boarding on the lake by my house. During the summer, I’m always begging my dad to take me out on the boat.

If all this doesn’t sound completely awesome to you, then I don’t know what will. As I’ve been saying this whole time, Austin is great and I’m glad that my family and I ended up in this amazing city.

Halloween Front Porch

It was a dark and stormy Halloween night and the first trick-or-treater was arriving at my house. I saw his terrified eyes when he looked at the creepy zombie that was hanging on a tree. It had bloodshot eyes which were staring at the young boy. The zombies shirt was spattered with blood and some of his limbs were missing.

The young boy hurried past the zombie but something else caught his eye. It was a wooden coffin laying in the grass beside him. The boy carefully set down his pillowcase full of candy and with a curious look in his eyes, daringly opened the coffin. BAM! Another zombie quickly emerged from the the coffin and the boy jumped back.

Expository: Texting is Harmful

Texting is a good way to contact someone without having to write a letter or call them. In some ways it can be harmful.

First off, texting can cause distractions while doing things. For instance, texting while driving can be distracting and can cause a driver to look away from the road for long periods of time. In those periods of time a lot can happen including crashes. For you and others to be safe on the road just don’t don’t text and drive.

Furthermore texting can consume your time. It may be necessary to some people but to me, I don’t really need it. Texting May seem like fun but if you use it for long periods of time or when you’re in the car, it can be bad.

Texting is a very good tool but at the wrong times it can be harmful. Too much of anything is bad.

The Lake

Riding down the hill, wind in my hair I couldn’t wait to get down to the lake. As I walked through the gate my senses were overwhelmed with the pretty sights, splendid smells, and even the grit of the sand in my teeth. I look sideways and notice the playground that was once at my school. Now I can’t hold it in, I sprint down to the shoreline and leap 20 feet in the air before finally hitting the water. Underwater I look around in the murky liquid, I can see a small fish staring in to my eyes.

Concrete Language

“Hey Sawyer, get over here!” Ed shouted, “It’s waking up, we need to give it more tranquilizer!” The rain was pouring outside on the island a couple miles offshore of Bahia Anasco. Pit pat pit pat pit pat, the rain went on and on. Sawyer trudged through the mud towards the giant metal crate. The crate. He hadn’t known about the “thing” until yesterday evening. He knew what was inside and wasn’t eager to get within a couple feet. But Ed kept shouting and slowly, reluctantly, Sawyer neared the crate. “You need to give it to him! My arms are too big!” Shouted Ed. Sawyer picked up the needle, inserted the fluid, and reached his arms through the bars. He had just pierced the raptor’s skin before it opened its eyes.

Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy ninja is a game that is free and available on the AppStore. Although many people play this game, I do not. The point of the game is to level up your ninja by teaching him tricks and collecting XP. There are ninety nine levels and I don’t know of a person in our school who has completed the levels even with cheats. I don’t play this game because I find it frustrating to navigate through obstacles.