Expository: Texting is Harmful

Texting is a good way to contact someone without having to write a letter or call them. In some ways it can be harmful.

First off, texting can cause distractions while doing things. For instance, texting while driving can be distracting and can cause a driver to look away from the road for long periods of time. In those periods of time a lot can happen including crashes. For you and others to be safe on the road just don’t don’t text and drive.

Furthermore texting can consume your time. It may be necessary to some people but to me, I don’t really need it. Texting May seem like fun but if you use it for long periods of time or when you’re in the car, it can be bad.

Texting is a very good tool but at the wrong times it can be harmful. Too much of anything is bad.

2 thoughts on “Expository: Texting is Harmful

  1. Texting is a very dangerous thing, I agree with everything you say.
    Because many people die by texting, cause there just walking and looking down and bam they get hit by a car, flying like 10 feet. Its very sad that many people die by texting in the car walking, are people are being threatend by texting

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