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I love games, especially video games. Whenever I get home from school, There’s nothing better to do than jump on my sofa, turn on my Xbox, and play some minecraft. I also like playing games on my phone, like ice rage.

Ice Rage is a simple game where you can select from many different players including a bear, a guy with a pumpkin on his head, and many more. You can then chose wether you’d like to play a quick match witch lasts around two minutes. You can also compete in a championship game where you play against each player while they progressively get harder to beat. I also like playing multiplayer with other people on their own phone with Bluetooth. Although this game is about three years old, I still enjoy playing it with my friends.

Another game I enjoy playing is Super Stick Man Golf 2 or SSG2 for short. This game is also available on the App Store and it is one of my all time favorites. It’s basically a golfing game that is not at all realistic. As you beat more and more levels you can get different types of balls such as the super ball which makes the ball travel ten times faster than it normally would. Another thing that makes this game amazing, is that you can play multiplayer with anybody who has the game. This game is a awesome and I highly recommend you get it If you don’t already have it.

As I said earlier, games can be a good way to relax after a long day of school. But don’t get me wrong, games can completely overtake your life if you don’t use moderation. Too much of anything can be bad.

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